Exclusive and refined  design for furnishings  unique and special for your house, also designed and produced in limited edition, for the luxury hotels or high-end distributors: this is DDplus!
Thirty years experience in furnishing and the constant analysis of the daily need for improving the quality of functional spaces, are the basis of our research.
Chairs, tables, lamps, hangers and Pet accessories, represent only a part of the production, always attentive and responsive to requests for customization of our customers.
Technologies and advanced materials to ensure quality and respect for the environment, are our priority. All items by DDplus are completely designed, developed and manufactured in Italy.

DDplus lamps  are original and versatile, designed to decorate and illuminate the environment, making it warm and welcoming. Their main peculiarity is to enrich the space with their presence intriguing and fascinating, but not pushy. Innovative and functional, are made with quality materials, 100% recyclable. DDplus lamps are designed and manufactured in compliance with safety regulations.

4U pet bed and the Foodprint bowl are conceived with the intent to meet the precise needs of a functional order, with the aim of providing solutions in an innovative aesthetic form, consistent with modern furniture. Very often to our pet friends products are dedicated that are exclusively designed for the solution of problems of use, but devoid of any aesthetic dignity and insensitive to the important affective role that our friends play. 4U pet bed and  Foodprint bowl want to be an expression of that presence in that environment and in that family context.

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